To Make Money Is Not The Hard Task


To make money is not the hard task, it’s not the reason why one will become rich in the morning and fall back to the most wretched echelons of the society in the evening. Yes, it’s not, and It took me seven long years to learn this lesson. Seven years of rising and falling.

Years ago I worked as a spy for one of the giant publishing company [Name deliberately witheld] in Nigeria and I was only answerable to the MD. The job was as lucrative as it was dangerous. I was earning from N250,000 to N350,000 every week. I was always traveling from one place to another and I was enjoying every bit of it.

I lacked nothing, I was a big boy my own way. I was licensed and the police and other security agencies were always standing by for my call in every town I step in. Anywhere things get tough or any big bad guy is on the hook tougher state security agents will be sent from Abuja to wherever it is in the country.

The company provided for my logistics and I was on-top of my job, delivering and succeeding in every task assigned to me. Money was flowing in one way but was flowing out in seven ways.

I had friends in every state, whenever I’m around they will gather, sycophants, I was the fool. Places where I’m supposed to spend N10,000 I end up spending N100,000, why not, I was the boss, with loaded bank accounts, even if I spend 500k I’ll get more than that in a month. Cursed me!

Calls kept on coming; friends seeking for loans, family seeking for help, I never had the gut to say no to any request, I was always ready to give and all the money I loaned out to friends had since become bad debts and worst of all some started seeing me like an enemy for asking them for the money.

I had no permanent address, I never rented an apartment to live not because the money was not there, of course, I had more than enough to even build my own house. I was just confused about which state or town to settle. I was not able to decide so I was always in a hotel, from week to week, from one town to another, from one gathering of bootlickers to another band of backscratchers. Wretched me, I am not Jesus but I was feeding 5000 parasites with my five loaves of bread and still expected 12 filled baskets of leftovers.

That job lasted only eight months and for those eight months, I slept each night in a hotel except whenever I’m in the guest house of the company. I was so shortsighted to ever imagine that that job wasn’t going to last forever. The MD lost her position and the new MD never knew me so I was not retained.

I had the zeal to work, the effrontery to take risks, I had the war chest to step on toes in other to accomplish every task, but I foolishly lacked the ability to think tomorrow. I lacked foresight, I lacked the capacity to manage and sustain, and so, this guy that earned millions became bankrupt immediately he lost his job.

I had no shelter, no job, no business, no real friend, and the little money in my account was enough to start nothing befitting of the status I had created. I was helplessly pathetic and the worst of all is that the little leftover was speedily decreasing as each day goes by.

This experience was not the first neither did it became the last. there seems to be this spirit of extravagance that engulfs most youths whenever they start making money. Lots of people never recover after this kind of experience. You see? To make money is not the hard task. Keeping it is the biggest challenge!

No matter how success hungry you are if you don’t keep count of every kobo that comes in and goes out from whatever income you have, you will starve sooner than later!

And if you have risen and somehow crashed to the bottom don’t just remain consigned to that pit. You are the one that made the fortunes you lost you can still make another. Gird your loins, gather your broken pieces, say like T.Pain “You can take all of these from me but ama still gonna survive.”

I created my misfortunes for myself but the fire of mismanagement couldn’t burn me up because I became hotter! I sat myself down, counted the scars on my knees, picked up a jotter and a pen, and each morning before I go out I jot down things I wanna do and the ones I don’t wanna do, I started to discipline myself, I was no longer fighting to make money alone but to also preserve and grow it.

I have no idea what you have lost, whatever it is, don’t just sit there in the lonely dark and mourn, your life will become more miserable. Barren 11 years could not hold Tiger Woods down. A public divorce of his wife of six years could not deter or determine his place in the league of legends, four back surgeries that caused him the inability to play and consequently saw his world golf rank plummet to 1,119 could not put a dot to his career and once again, in Augusta, he rose, above the despair of arrest, above the trauma of losing a family, to the highest heavens of his dream and against all odds, etch his name in gold and glory!

It takes more than rising once to succeed. Get yourself prepared for the inevitable, challenges will always come and don’t ever forget that looking rich is nowhere as important as being rich!

Keep your head cool, in summer remember winter. Don’t try to please everyone, you can’t. Don’t be boastful, if you can buy a house there are people whose money can buy an entire country. Give to the poor but be careful not to become one of them. Work hard and work smart, your friends will be the first to discourage and demoralize you, expect that. Plan and pray, if you put your hope in your pastors’ prophecies you will die poor. And, my friend, success is not announced, it’s seen!

Kel Armstrong

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Kel Armstrong

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