Our Preachers’ Pretense

Our preachers’ pretense has become so pronounced and perceptible. They carry long ‘holy’ crosses, finger gold glaring rings, adorn themselves with white as wool apparels and anointed Tuxedo suits, brandishing their Oxford shoes and chains of crucifixions forged at St. Peter’s Square in Rome, just to show off and deceive. Precarious Pharisees! They are empty!

They wear biretta and zucchetto caps on their bald dry heads, dry heads, absent anointing, void of grace, barren of integrity, bereft of truth, full of falsehood, thriving in treachery, shamelessly soaked in greed, brewed in betrayal, imbibed in puritanical pretense, imbrued in bribery and corruption.

They give no f**ck what happens to those they speak for as long as they are filled. Wait, do they really speak for us? Well, that’s one of our preachers’ pretense. Premier pretenders!

Every Sunday they stand on their high exalted altars to tell us the riddles of heavens and the reality of hell. They teach us to be steadfast, strong in the face of adversity, adversity that they themselves planted in our homes, in our families, amongst our friends, through fake prophecies and teachings of doctrines of demons. Creating division where they should build bridges, and while we bow to the God that they teach us, they bow and lick the butt of another. Sybarites!

They serve many gods; you can become one of their gods if you can afford them a fat envelope of Dollars or a seven-figure Naira cheque, a Delilah to warm their bed or a threat of demotion, that’s how cheap they are. They are cowards and they are lustful.

They know the truth but they have versions of lies; they bend the gospel and they are far from the God we believe they preach. They play on our intelligence with claims of grace, they poison our reasoning with testaments of religious mysteries, they tap into our emotions with witty words and tricks of songs, leading us sheepishly into the cold shackles of their deceits, poor us, we are mentally enslaved and only God himself can set us free.

Don’t judge? Before you give me that shit read 1st John 4:1 or make sure you read Mathew 7:1-5 to the end and before you tell me that the Temple Thieves have the grace to interpret the Bible more accurately, note that I don’t interpret the Bible. There’s nowhere in the Bible where anyone is asked to do that.

And, by the way, is there anyone who judges others more than the fake preachers?

The prophets of old were often confrontational. They regularly faced people with their sins of independent living and called on them to face their need. Jesus and his apostles did the same. Remember, it was Jesus who called the Pharisees “hypocrites” and “white washed mausoleums.” He confronted the woman at the well with her adultery, Nicodemus with the emptiness of his religion, and Peter with his denials. Paul opposed Peter to his face for his religious duplicit.

Prophet Elijah confronted King Ahab
Prophet Samuel confronted King Saul
Prophet Moses confronted Pharaoh
Prophet Nathan confronted David
Prophet Ezekiel, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Amos, Joshua, all the known prophets of the old never looked back while confronting evil or disobedient kings. Some were killed, exiled, rejected, stoned, others were imprisoned, in all of these they kept on speaking truth to power.

They were never seen in any royal palace celebrating with murderous kings like many of our present-day men of God does.

Where should we turn to? Why should we blame politicians when even our prophets and priests lie so shamelessly?
Religious leaders have killed the good in us. They have killed our love and compassion for one another. They have killed righteousness. Only God can help us now!

Now we are before the red sea and our Moses’ and Jushuas’ are embracing the Egyptians that are after us. They tread us in exchange for a handshake with the pharaohs’.  Haven’t you now seen our preachers’ pretense?


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