It’s Too Late To Be Alive

It’s Too Late To Be Alive

It’s Too Late To Be Alive

Absolutely! You read that headline right. It’s Too Late To Be Alive! I lost my father when I was just a little boy. It was painful; the family was young, yoked together in fear, frail, and forlorn fate. We were alone, bereaved and bullied by both family and friends, people who the dead man found worthy to sacrifice his life for.

It was miserable. We were vulnerable, weak, enervated, pulverized, emasculated, thwarted, and when people look at us and our mother they shake their head pitifully and say sorry. They say sorry to us not because we lost a father but because of what is coming next.

We had no defense, no refuge, and there will be no relief.  That night my mother looked at us; pawns of predators, I have never seen her face that way, her eyes were red and dry. “War is coming and it’s too late to be alive” when she uttered those words it was not her voice we heard. It was the voice of a widow who has become too tired of staying dead just to be alive.

It took me years to rightly interpret those words.

It is in every man’s nature to think of safety first before any other thing. We think life, always, and die many times trying to be alive. It’s not our fault, our brain was programmed to keep us safe so the first things it tells us is the dangers and life-threatening stuffs lurked in our intended actions.

Take for an example: a friend or a colleague approached you with a cool business idea that requires you to invest money and make a huge profit. You looked at the business idea, it’s lucrative, very profitable and you shouted wow, I’m interested in this, just before you close your mouth the next thing that will ring in your head is, what if this is a scam? What if it fails? This is just too good to be real?

The negative voice will go ahead to give you reasons why you should not endeavor into the business. Doubt will creep in, fear will blossom, and you will become pessimistic and cynical and lazy.

The voice will come again, letting you know that it’s better to remain where you are, with what you are sure of, in familiar terrain, success is gradual it will say, there’s no need to jump. It will capture your emotion, distort your conviction, exorcize you of your zeal and determination, and then it will build you into a dull, docile, inactive success hungry dreamer, and bit by bit, your passive and putrid attitude will completely kill your dream… just because you are too fearful to take a step.

It’s Too Late To Be Alive
Everyone wants to live a carefree, easy, and happy life, to excel to the highest point, to fall in love and have an amazing relationships, to look perfect and make money and be prestigious, and well respected, and loved and be a total baller to the point that people stare in awe when you walk like a Prima Dona into the room. Everyone wants that. It is the desire of all and it is easy to want that.

When you ask yourself questions like “what do I want” you will always say you just want a happy family, a good job, a flourishing business, that’s so ubiquitous and universal that it doesn’t even mean anything.

A more considerate question should be; “How ready are you to die just to live?” what are you willing to struggle for? Because that seems to be a greater determinant of how our lives turn out.

My mother saw the impending suffering and harassment and she became ready to come out of her shells and fight. There was no need to be there and wait to be cracked. It was late wanting to be alive without fighting to truly live. It was too late for us to be alive. We started fighting to live!

Everyone wants to have an amazing career and financial independence but not everyone wants to suffer through 60-hour work weeks, rigorous research, obnoxious paper work, to navigate arbitrary corporate hierarchies and blasé confines of an immeasurable cubicle hell!

You want to be rich without taking risks? Without the sacrifices? People want to start their own business or become financially independent, but you don’t end up a successful entrepreneur unless you find a way to appreciate the risks, the uncertainty, the incertitude, the perplexity,  the repetitive failures, and working insane hours on something you can’t tell whether it will be successful or not!

If you want to be like all the other big guys you admire you must do what they do. Don’t just lie there and dream. Don’t just sit there and fantasize, and make wishes. It will all come to nothing if that’s all you do. Get up, crawl, walk, run and don’t be afraid to fly if you find a feather!

The problem is not in the wanting, no, it is your readiness to go after it.

You can only stumble on your success walking, not standing. Until you say to yourself it’s too late to just be alive you will never truly live. Go all out, endeavor, take adventures, lay down your fears, stop calculating the time and rigors it will take you to climb miles up to the top, just climb!

Success is on the other side of what you fear!

Kel Armstrong



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Kel Armstrong

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