The Difference Between Fact and Fantasy


She stood in awe, unable to spot the difference between fact and fantasy; hands intertwined, eyes fixed steadily on the screen, basking in untold euphoric thoughts and, between her brain and mind was a blooming wall of utter darkness of separation. Wall of fantasy; a wall of hunger for fame and desire to step into the shoes of Rihanna and drive her Benz and Bentley and dash her wine cup against her poor boyfriend the same way Rihanna did to Chris Brown.

Pathologically lost in her fool’s paradise, unaware of her reality. She turned from the small TV on the old fashioned wooden table and screamed at the confused boy who hitherto has been asking her what she was thinking about.

“Go to hell Bob”, she yelled “you are a debacle to my success. I’m fucking off your hook and this wretch you call a relationship. I’m so done with you. I need a real man. I need a man who can afford my bills and give my beauty a deserved treat. I can’t marry a man who doesn’t own a car.”

Bob stood transfixed and startled as she grabbed her concealer filled handbag and banged the door behind her back.


The only thing this girl could boast of is her beauty and her big front and back and her only problem and desire is how to find a rich man who will take care of her the way she wants.

That was it!

Go close and you will see that she has just two pants and two worn out bras but she want a made man. Is that not foolishness? Call it greed!

The big girls she is idolizing are busy forging broad paths of stardom for themselves and she is there imitating them with an asinine brain, unable to tell the difference between fact and fantasy. Living a lie and life full of lust and mirage.

She believes that the only way to make it is by getting a rich boyfriend or a sugar daddy. She has consigned and conformed herself to that circle and worst of all, she’s not teachable.  Dare her and she will remind you that her life is not your business but deep inside she’s dying and wasting away.

And the poor heartbroken boy?

He will go back to bed, pick up his phone and vuuuummmm he’s on Facebook looking for another girlfriend instead of looking for a solution to the reason why he was dumped!

Probably he’s still a student and in his heart, he has perfected a revenge plan on how he’s going to use his forthcoming stipend from his parents to ecstasize his new ‘babe’ in order to get the ex jealous and regretful.

You see the problem? That’s the highest his mind could see. He is hunting for another girl he will compel or coerce with Drake’s lyrics and Justin Bieber’s songs to remain in his confusion with him.

To what end?

Facebook for the big guys, is not a place where you come to every day to disturb people’s inbox with Romeo tales or how Juliet will rise again. It’s not a place where you come to cast off your boredom and make tens of meaningless posts to get 1k likes.

Facebook is a market. Those who know their Harry sell their Pot.
They advertise their products shamelessly and build bridges of fortunes and purposeful relationships, and the girls you struggle for, struggle for their attention.

Life does not and can never revolve around your bum-bum. It takes more than that to attract that big guy you so much want to have. It takes more than spending hours in front of a mirror painting and repainting to attract a permanent man. You can only attract your kind, people of the same ilk. The big guys you want can only be seen in classic places and for you to afford such places you must have cemented your ground and colored your feather.

Life is not all roses and unicorn. Work hard if you want to be appreciated and acknowledged. Sow if you want to reap. Stop deceiving yourself; life in the movie is a hoax. Lot’s of those actors that you are dying for are broke to the teeth with broken relationships. The expensive clothes they wear are producers’ costumes, they don’t go home with it!

Understand that when your girlfriend breaks up with you with the claim that you are poor, it’s not true, she broke up with you because you could not give her something to hope for. You could not convince her to believe in your future. Start thinking, create, pains come before pleasure and the best form of revenge is a massive success.

And please be teachable. There are overwhelming informations’ not far from you. Learn how to ask questions. Keep your brain active. If you can’t ask a man, ask Google.

Personally, I know how much I earn from Google every month. I didn’t just wake up one morning and started making money online or in any of my businesses. I asked questions, I humbled myself before people who are ahead and they taught me. I sacrificed sleep and comfort.

Lots of the things you thought to be difficult are actually very simple, you just haven’t asked questions.

So, while you waste your time and energy trying to be the world best online ‘toaster’ others are busy making all the money. You better don’t be a disgrace to your children!

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Kel Armstrong

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