About us

Writergut is a forum that comprises everything Art; literary creativity, on-screen creativity, everything media and all that Works of Art entails.

Writersgut is founded on the vision of promoting creativity and to enable Artists and Authors to make fame and fortune through their God-giving artistry gift while they dance with their pens, walk with their voices, and feed the passionate and hungry souls of lovers of Art.

While we try to provide a ladder to enable writers, actors, and all kinds of artists to climb to the highest pinnacle of their careers, our sole aim is to protect and promote the culture.

With this, we hope to bring the ART family from every part of the world under one umbrella, stronger together to spearhead the fight for mental freedom and liberation and to preach with impeccable clarity to mankind, the desired truth that will eclipse everyone with the long longed satisfactory peace and godly love.

Below are the few things you stand to gain:

1. You stand a chance of winning a publishing contract. To qualify for this, create posts regularly on the platform and let us know you want us to publish and market your book for you!

2. You stand a chance of winning scholarships and up to 1 million naira just by participating in our weekly and monthly competitions. Click HERE to see ongoing contests and how to join

3. Your little kids stand a chance of winning scholarships and lots of goodies when you upload a video of them doing amazing things. Just film them and upload on the site and invite your friends to like the videos and they could win scholarships and other prizes. [Video must not exceed 50mb]

4. You have the opportunity of meeting already made men and women such as authors, actors, musicians, and many more, as we host at least 2 in our offline competitions.

5. You stand a chance of winning Acting contract with 3ple T. Images for one full year. This means that you get to play the lead role in any movie that’s produced by the mother company, Vermaak Media Hub for a year.

We are committed to crowning creativity and helping aspiring gifted youth succeed. This vision was borne out of passion by well known prestigious educational institutions and entertainment empires and individuals of high esteem such as:

Vermaak Media Hub
3ple T. Images
Wakanda Nation
DayLight Foundations.

Writers Gut is a registered entertainment hub with Corporate Affairs Commission and our registration number is BN-2598015. This means we can be reached and trusted.

In this platform there is no loser. Everyone WINS!

Show Us Your Talent, We Will Do The Funding!

Thank you for joining us. You are now a Gutspecie!

Signed: CEO, Writers Gut

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